Skin Type Male skin

  • Anti-ageing for men

    ANTI-AGING Hydrating, Restructuring, Anti-ageing

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  • Perfect skin from the moment you wake up

    GEL MOUSSE Cleansing, Purifying

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  • Anti-puffiness and dark circles

    GEL YEUX Anti-puffiness, (Prevention and treatment of) dark circles

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    GUARANA SCRUB Exfoliating - Detoxifying

    Benefits :
    Clean, fresh, radiant, your skin appears able to "...

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  • A blow of freshness

    LOTION YK Lotion, After-shave, Revitalizing

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  • Nutri Cream Yon-Ka for Men

    NUTRI-CREME Protecting, Anti-oxidant, Energizing

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  • SCRUB MOUSSE - 3 in 1 anti-dull complexion scrub

    SCRUB MOUSSE Exfoliation, Scrub, Purifying

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  • Smooth and Anti-razor burns shaving care

    SHAVING CREAM Shaving cream

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