With Yon-Ka, protecting the bees and other pollinators



Xerces Society



A portion of proceeds from Yon-Ka's 60th-anniversary sales will be donated to an organization devoted to the protection of bees and pollinators. For several years, the bee population has been rapidly decreasing, with a complete disappearance, in certain areas. This phenomenon is very alarming due to ecological importance of bees, in terms of pollination. Yon-Ka, which owes so much to nature and the plant world in particular, decided to support the actions of this organization.





an iconic product
showcased in a special limited edition for the brand's 60th anniversary


You have to try it for yourself to see how very different it is.
This product has been in the spotlight for 60 years and its success has never wavered. Its secret: the five essential oils of its Quintessence.
This alcohol-free treatment mist is a real phyto-aromatic beauty water. It balances the skin, prepares it for daily skincare and reinforces the effectiveness of other products to reveal purified, toned and refreshed skin, as well as a radiant complexion!

Its advantages:
• Use at any time of day for a refreshing burst of energy.
• Apply as a compress after sun exposure or hair removal for soothing or purifying action. 

LOTION YON-KA normal to oily skin 60th Anniversary Limited Edition

Born in Auckland (New Zealand), Nadia Flower studied at the Fine Arts school, then worked in the fashion industry in London, where she successfully developed her fragile, delicate and graphic yet powerful style. Her elegant and poetic illustrations were chosen to represent the Yon-Ka values and dress its star product.